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Schaffer Products

We carry a complete line of Schaffer oil and grease.

Schaffer Oil and Grease Products

Get a Johnny Trailer

This trailer was designed for the farmer to pull behind any kind of farming equipment to haul his ATV so that he would have a way back home. Contact us to get more information on ordering your Johnny Trailer today.

Johnny Trailer

Johnny Trailer

Johnny Trailer

Fertilizer and BlendingDJ provides fertilizer and blending support

Our fertilizers consist of dry, liquid, micro nutrient, and NH3 fertilizer.

Should I Use Liquid or Dry? The utilization of P by plants is not affected by the liquid or dry property of the fertilizer. Plant nutrient use in both liquid and dry fertilizers is affected by such factors as method of application, crop and root growth characteristics, soil test levels, and climatic conditions. The amount of water in a fluid fertilizer is insignificant compared to the water already present in the soils. Therefore, P in liquid P sources is not more available than P in dry materials—even in a dry year. The selection of a liquid or dry P source should be based on adaptation to the farmer's operation and economics.

Dry Fertilizer

Our dry fertilizers are Urea, Phosphate, Potash, Sulfur, and Micro packages with zinc, boron, manganese, calcium and iron. Below is our dry fertilizer facility.

Mott Agronomy Dry Blending Facility

Fertilizer Blending

With our dry blending facility, shown below, we can blend any or all the dry fertilizer products to give you the blend that fits your needs as well as blending you a liquid blend. Both of theses can contain a micro package.

Mott Agronomy Blending Facility Mott Agronomy Blending Facility

Liquid Fertilizer

Our NutraFlo liquid fertilizers include 28% Nitrogen, 6-24-6, 3-18-18, 15-0-0-20, N-demand, N-fusion, and liquid micro packages such as Essential and Optimize. Our facility is capable of mixing these fertilizers to match your needs.

Mott Agronomy Liquid Fertilizer Facility in Mott, ND Mott Agronomy liquid fertilizer facility. Serving North Dakota Agronomy.
Helping you with your fertilizer needs at Mott Agronomy. Serving North Dakota Agronomy liquid fertilizer needs.

NH3 Fertilizer

See Brian for all your NH3 fertilizer needs. He can be contacted at 701-824-4193. If no answer please leave a message.

NH3 Fertilizer Application

Brian supports our NH3 Fertilizer services

Mott Agronomy NH3 Facility

Mott Agronomy Fertilizer Plant